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8 Ways to Combat Dust in Your Powder Packaging Process


Dirt and also airborne particulates can present a trouble for also one of the most sophisticated packaging process.

Products like ground coffee, protein powder, legal marijuana products, and also even some dry snacks as well as pet foods can produce a fair amount of dust in your product packaging setting.

Dirt discharges are most likely to take place when completely dry, powdered, or dusty item passes through transfer factors in the product packaging system. Essentially, at any time the product is in movement, or starts/stops movement all of a sudden, air-borne particulates may occur.

Below are 8 functions of contemporary powder product packaging machines that can help reduce or remove the unfavorable impacts of dust in your automatic packaging line:

1. Enclosed Jaw Drives
If you run within a messy setting or have a dusty item, it is vitally important for the moving parts that drive the sealing jaws on your powder packaging machine to be shielded from air-borne particulates.

Packaging equipments made for dusty or damp environments have actually a completely enclosed jaw drive. This unit safeguards the jaw drive from particulates that can hinder its procedure.

2. Dust Proof Enclosures & Proper IP Rankings
Maker enclosures that house electric or pneumatically-driven elements have to be properly secured versus ingress of dirt in order to keep their proper function. When purchasing packaging devices for a messy setting, see to it the equipment has an IP (Ingress Protection) Rating ideal to your application. Primarily, an IP Score includes 2 numbers that show how dust- and water-tight a room is.

3. Dirt Suction Equipment
Dust access right into the equipment isn’t the only thing you need to bother with. If dirt locates its method into plan seams, the sealer layers in the movie will certainly not appropriately and also consistently stick during the warm seal process, triggering rework and also scrap. To combat this, dust suction equipment can be utilized at various points in the packaging process to get rid of or recirculate dust, lessening the chance of particulates winding up in package seals.

4. Static Removal Bars
When plastic product packaging film is being unwound and fed with the packaging equipment, it can produce static power, which triggers powder or dusty items to adhere to the inside of the movie. This can create item to wind up in the package seals, as well as like discussed over, this must be prevented to preserve the stability of the bundle. To fight this, a static removal bar can be contributed to the product packaging procedure.

5. Dirt Hoods
Automatic pouch filling and sealing machine have an option to position a dirt hood above the product giving station. This part aids to accumulate and eliminate particulates as the product is dropped right into the bag from the filler.

6. Vacuum Pull Belts
Standard on vertical kind fill seal equipments are rubbing draw belts. These components are responsible for drawing the product packaging movie with the system, and also they do so by rubbing. However, when a product packaging setting is dirty, air-borne particulates can get between the film and also the friction draw belts, decreasing their efficiency as well as wearing them down prematurely.

A choice option for powder product packaging devices is vacuum cleaner draw belts. They execute the exact same function as friction pull belts yet do so with vacuum suction, thus negating the results of dust on the pull belt system. Vacuum pull belts do cost even more but require replacing a lot less often than rubbing pull belts, specifically in dusty environments.

7. Continual Motion Powder Product Packaging
Product packaging devices can run in either continual or recurring motion. In other words, the film is constantly relocating a continual activity maker. On a periodic motion device, the movie quits once per cycle to be sealed.

The constant movement of the product packaging movie on constant movement devices creates a continuous downward flow of air. This suggests dirt from the product is motivated by the air movement to end up inside the plan where it belongs.

8. Proper Device Preventive Maintenance
While adding dust-controlling actions to your powder packaging procedure will go a long way to combating the sickness of particulates ruining your system, complying with a proper device preventive maintenance schedule is the other essential item of the puzzle.