✬ LINK is a Pack-Machine brand. The factory is located in XIAMEN, China, with a 5,000-square-meter R&D and production workshop. It is a national-level high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production, sales and OEM customization services.

✭ Main Products: liquid packing machine series, powder packing machine series, granule packing machine series, weight packing machine series, counting packing machine series, filling machine series, capping machine series, automatic box sealing series, automatic packing machine series , automatic unpacking machine series, automatic shrink packaging machine series, vacuum packaging machine series, back-end packaging line, etc., as well as industry packaging materials;

✬ Application areas: Food, Beverage, Bio-medicine, Hardware chemicals ,Daily chemicals Electronic appliances, Agricultural products, consumer goods and other industries and fields.

✬ Our mission: To provide our customers with the latest technological advancements that guarantee our equipment efficient and easy to maintain. The modular design of our equipment, high flexibility, easy replacement of consumables, wearing parts and low maintenance usage costs give the LINK Pack-Machine the lowest total cost of ownership on the market today.

✬ First class mechanical manufacturing and assembly technology, international big brands  electrical components and intelligent control ,enable our equipment to have a long service life and an ultra-low equipment failure rate.All equipment in our company is guaranteed for 3 years. Quality commitment , which comes from our firm confidence in the quality of our equipment.

✬ LINK is willing to cooperate with highly-trained equipment distributors worldwide to better serve customers. This partnership provides a support structure to ensure optimal machine/application fit, smooth start-up, reliable local service and long-term return on investment in automation equipment.


We work closely with you to develop solutions that deliver both technical and economic success. We have follow advantages:

Manufacturing advantages

The company has a precision machining workshop of 2,000 square meters.
All assembly technicians are trained and assessed, with rich experience and excellent technology.
Our packaging equipment uses electrical components and mechanical standard parts of international or domestic first-line brands.

Technical advantages

The company has a total of 21 mechanical design and software R&D personnel, and constantly explores new structures and new technical applications.
We can quickly provide customers with customized services and one-stop packaging automation solutions.
After 15 years of technical precipitation, our company has 87 patented technologies in the field of packaging equipment.
In 2021, the company won the honor of China's national high-tech enterprise

Service advantages

Our company's sales team provides customers with free and high-quality pre-sales services and packaging consultation.
We will regularly report the progress of equipment production to customers, show production videos and product packaging effects, so as to facilitate customers to remotely inspect the equipment.
A set of maintenance tools and standard accessories are provided free of charge when the equipment is shipped, and the warehouse has spare parts inventory, which can be shipped in time.
We will provide free Internet remote guidance and online operation, maintenance training, and provide detailed equipment instruction manuals and operation training videos.