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After the outbreak of the epidemic, why more and more manufacturers choose automatic box folding machines?


After the outbreak of the epidemic, coupled with the increasingly perfect market economic system and the rapid development of science and technology, the economic environment in which various factories survive has become increasingly complex. More and more manufacturers will choose automatic box folding machines , mainly for the following reasons.

  1. Reduce production costs

When the epidemic first broke out, the shutdown of factories directly led to the break of the capital chain, the loss of customers and employees, and the disappearance of the demographic dividend. The rise in labor prices has also become a problem for various factories. Uncertainty in the post-epidemic era is the norm, and all walks of life are facing severe challenges. Therefore, automated packaging equipment has also become the best choice to reduce labor costs reasonably .

  1. Improve cost efficiency

As we all know, effective cost reduction can improve cost efficiency and increase factory profits. Automated technology can make the production process unaffected by employees, and the automatic folding box machine can reduce the error rate of operation, save time, complete tasks faster and with higher quality.

  1. Adapt to market competition

In the fierce market competition, advanced technology can help the factory to develop sustainably and healthily. In fact, the higher the degree of automation, the less affected by external risks, which is also a key factor for many factories to undergo automation transformation.

So what factors should be considered when choosing an automatic box folding machine ? Below I will share some suggestions with you.

  1. Understand the size of the machine clearly

It is necessary to determine whether the size and model of the machine is suitable for the product specification and the size of the site. Because it is a customized machine, all details need to be communicated in advance to avoid unnecessary cost waste.

  1. High performance and high quality

A suitable automatic box folding machine also needs to have high performance and high quality, and test whether the stability of the machine meets the standards. Only in this way can there be a high-efficiency and safe production process, making it more convenient and reassuring to use.

  1. Credibility and reliability

It is necessary to consider the status of the supplier’s brand in the industry and whether its business status is stable. A good brand can stand the test. Check the scale, technology, and manufacturing process of the supplier company to judge whether it will be successful in the next few years. Ability to provide ongoing service and support.

  1. Good service attitude

It is necessary to consider what kind of technical services the after-sales service team can provide after the automatic box folding machine is installed, and whether professional technicians can provide comprehensive solutions when there are problems with the machine. After-sales service needs to be specified in the contract .