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Faults and common solutions of automatic granule packaging machine


Nowadays, the company’s labor costs are getting more and more expensive, and some complicated and repeated packaging tasks must be replaced by fully automatic packaging machines, and the automatic granule packaging machine is designed for the packaging of granule raw materials. The machinery and equipment can fully automate a series of operations from the beginning to the end of making packaging bags, counting and sealing bags, etc. Before there was no automatic granule packaging machine, it required complicated manual work to undertake some daily affairs, but now a The automatic granule packaging machine can handle this kind of complicated manual process, and the final result is to improve work efficiency and reduce product cost.

In order to be able to work better, Link Industrial Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. will give you a spectrum of common faults and solutions for automatic granule packaging machines.

Fault 1: Accurate positioning fault of color code

Fault description: When the automatic granule packaging machine is in operation, there may be a large error in the bag cutting position, the gap between the color marks is large, the poor contact of the precise positioning of the color marks and the optical tracking cannot be controlled.

Solution: In this case, you can readjust the position of the photoelectric sensor first. If it is not easy to adjust , then clean the forming machine, insert the packaged product into the guide cardboard, and adjust the position of the guide cardboard so that the light spot overlaps with the color mark.

Fault 2: The film feeding motor does not rotate or the rotation cannot be controlled

Fault description: During the operation of the automatic granule packaging machine, if the starting capacitor is damaged, the film feeding motor may be stuck, or the motor may be damaged and cannot be rotated under control. It is some common failure.

Solution: first check whether the film inlet adjustment rod is stuck, whether the starting capacitor is damaged, and whether the fuse is faulty, and then replace it according to the inspection results.

Fault 3: The sealing is not tight

Fault description: The automatic granule packaging machine is not sealed or the seal is not tight. This will not only consume the packaging film, but may also cause the mold to clamp the product, resulting in damage to the mold.

Solution: Check whether the heat-sealing mold is hot and the standard air pressure, and then try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat-sealing temperature. Then the problem is solved.

Fault four: not pulling the bag

Fault description: The automatic granule packaging machine does not pull the bag, and the bag pulling motor does not work . The reason for this failure is nothing more than route problems. The power switch of the packaging bag is damaged, the control board is faulty, and the stepper motor controller is faulty.

Solution: Check the limit switch of the plastic bag making machine, the control panel, and the stepper motor for damage, and replace the damaged parts.

The above are many common faults and solutions of the automatic granule packaging machine. Of course , in specific applications, there are likely to be far more than this kind of failure. When we encounter equipment failures, we must first calm down, locate the failure, and then check whether the relevant modules are damaged, so as to further improve the efficiency of troubleshooting.