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Packing Machine For Granule And Solid

Packaging machine are tailored for different clients and also different jobs. And in regards to products, machines can be separated right into 3 major categories, among which is for solid and granule, called strong packaging line.

It deserves discussing that various manufacturers have a climbing demand for strong packing device because of people’s choice to packaged food, like treats, cookies, sweet and so on. As well as at the same time, increasingly higher requirements challenge machine manufacturers a whole lot.

And as one of the leading makers of rotating packing machine in China given that 2000 with our factory’s annual capacity of 1000 systems of CE authorized equipments, Link constantly keep introducing and also devote to establishing sophisticated packing machines for you.

Packing Maker for Granule and Solid – Link Modern Technology Co., Ltd


Strong: Candy, blown food, pickles, peanut, eco-friendly bean, pistachio, brown sugar, cake, day-to-day commodities, cooked food, and so on.

Granule: grain, nuts, granular medicine, pill, seed, dressing, granulated sugar, poultry essence, melon seeds, and so on.

In the machine setup, multi-head weigher is usually used to recognize considering as well as determining. According to various weighing precision, it appropriates for you to pick various specifications of multi-head weigher, like 10 head, 14 head, and also etc.

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