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Precautions for the operation of automatic box folding machine


1、Folder machine equipment guide work:

First, confirm whether there are cartons in the material warehouse and whether the size of the cartons matches. Turn on the power switch, turn on the start or pause switch, select the manual switch first, then turn on the boxes in the manual sequence so that each station is in place.


2、Automatic operation of box folding machine:

After the power is turned on, the power indicator will light up. Switch the selector switch to “Auto”, after pressing “Start”, the machine will start automatically. Downtime: Press the “Stop” or “Pause” button to turn off the power switch. Use the “Emergency Stop” button in the event of an emergency or malfunction.


Note: To work normally, “detect the presence or absence of carton photoelectric”, “or lack of material photoelectric”, the carton must be detected. When the material warehouse carton is almost used up or has been used up, the material is insufficient and the photoelectricity cannot detect the carton and stop working, and the material is required for normal work.


3、Operation rules of box folding machine

If the full photoelectricity detects that the opened paper tray is not removed, the machine will automatically stop working, and after the paper tray is removed, the machine will start automatically.


Does the folding carton machine work around the clock without downtime? The answers given by different manufacturers are often different. The strong producers have good technical ability, and the quality of the equipment produced is very good, even if the operation runs continuously for a whole day, there will be no failure. Especially in factories with strong strength, professional and technical personnel help solve problems and achieve a faster speed in a short period of time, which is also a place for merchants to show their strength.


After purchasing the box folding machine equipment, to use it throughout the day, there must be a complete usage plan. What happened, what measures should be taken, try to avoid man-made losses during use, have a more thorough understanding of various details, and have some regular pauses during the use of the medicine. Do a simple test and next time you use it, you can make sure that you don’t have an unnecessary impact due to your own negligence.


When asked if the folder machine equipment can run uninterrupted throughout the day, the answers given by manufacturers will vary. When consumers choose, they should know what their actual situation is, even if they are prepared to let employees Intermittent operation does not mean that random arrangement of personnel can achieve better production purposes. In the process of using the box folding machine, it is necessary to pay more attention to substantive problems, and to know which use links are prone to errors, and it is a very rational method to avoid failures from the source.