Serve & Support

Explore a professional approach to packaging automation equipment solutions based on our extensive industry experience.

Link Packaging provides our customers with a professional approach to packaging automation equipment solutions. Whether your packaging operation requires updated packaging machinery, new automated packaging processes, or more economical and environmentally friendly packaging materials; our team will support and assist you through all stages of the process and ensure your packaging solution is suitable for your business. Our packaging experts are trained to help you identify, evaluate and implement packaging solutions that save you time, money and effort.

1. Demand communication:

According to the properties, specifications, dimensions, pictures, technical requirements and other data of the packaging products provided by the customer as a reference, we can choose the appropriate packaging equipment to meet the customer's business needs. And our professional and knowledgeable sales engineers will negotiate and cooperate with you to provide the best equipment solutions for your product packaging needs.

2. Customized program:

According to the technical requirements and product information provided by the customer, our senior design engineers customize the project plan that matches the customer's needs, and pay attention to the communication with the customer in the design process to achieve the optimal plan for the customer's project needs.

3. Sign the contract:

The two parties sign a purchase and sale contract after negotiating the project requirements, quality, delivery time, cost, etc. without error.

4. Manufacturing:

The factory purchases corresponding parts and accessories in response to customer orders, and manufactures machines.

5. Quality inspection:

When the order is produced, the technicians test the parts and accessories for many times, and perform the functional debugging of the produced machine, and also test the packaging quality of the machine.

6. Equipment acceptance:

The factory debugs and inspects the equipment, or invites customers to check the use effect and appearance of the equipment on site for inspection. After the customer is satisfied with the product, it will be packaged and shipped; or provide the customer with equipment video and pictures, and the customer will be satisfied with the remote inspection of the equipment.

7. Installation training:

We will provide free Internet remote guidance and online operation, maintenance training, and provide detailed equipment instruction manuals and operation training videos.

8. After-sales service:

A set of consumable spare parts will be presented as a gift. Consumable parts and consumables can be ordered and shipped at any time when they are in stock. After we receive after-sales and maintenance consultation, we can remotely video connection to assist in repairing and debugging the machine.