Free packaging consultation
Choosing the right packaging equipment or packaging material to meet your product requirements can mean make or break. That's why you need link wrapping.
Packaging Solutions Consultant
As your packaging consultants, our packaging experts will help you test and analyze your current packaging applications. They will help you identify areas for optimization and improvement. Each packaging expert has in-depth industry training and expertise on all of our packaging machines , products and services. Let them provide the most cost- effective packaging solution for your business.

Packaging that saves

you money

All our packaging consultations are free with no obligation to purchase.
Contact one of our packaging experts to learn how Link Packaging can help you save on packaging costs.

Packaging savings can be realized in a number of areas, including:

  • Improve packaging efficiency,
  • Reduce packaging material costs
  • Increase your company's use of green packaging options
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Our knowledgeable and experienced packaging experts work with customer service teams and factory-trained technicians to develop turnkey packaging automation solutions for your business.


Packaging Programs and Initiatives

Link Packaging drives savings initiatives by developing consumer-focused programs to improve packaging processes and understand the efficiency of packaging equipment. Your packaging expert will work with you to determine which of our Plan a packaging solution that suits you. Every packaging expert has a comprehensive understanding of all the plans we offer,and will help you find the most cost- effective solution.

What to expect from your consultation

Our packaging experts will help identify any area where Link Packaging can help you improve the efficiency of your packaging operations and increase your business ROI.

Our packaging experts can assist with:

  • Add packaging automation or semi-automation to your packaging solution
  • Reduce damage with protective packaging
  • Substitute packaging materials to save costs and improve material waste
  • Increased use of environmentally friendly packaging products and sustainable packaging
Expert industry knowledge

With extensive industry experience, our packaging experts understand various markets and business areas and the impact of packaging on their products. Our packaging experts provide consulting in the following areas:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Packaging
  • Production packaging
  • Third Party Logistics Support
  • Food processing packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Craft Beer Packaging
Consulting support after packaging

Once your packaging solution is complete and your custom packaging solution has been implemented, Link Packaging's team of experts will work with you to ensure your packaging equipment operations are running at peak performance.
Our dedicated customer service team and service technicians will assist you with:

  • Packaging supplies replenishment or new product inquiry
  • New Equipment Installation Training
  • Equipment maintenance and packaging machine accessories requirements