Machine warranty period: three years for the whole machine

We dare to promise a long equipment warranty period. The mechanical accessories used in our company's equipment are all precision-made to ensure the service life of the accessories. The electrical control components and various standard parts we use are international first-line brands with excellent quality. longevity and stability.

Packaging machine maintenance process

When you experience packaging machine failure, response time is key. The faster we repair your packaging equipment, the faster you can keep operating and shipping your products.


Initial Contact and Packaging Equipment Diagnostics

Arrange an initial consultation once you contact Link Packaging for the necessary repairs . Consulting enables our technicians to perform a complete packaging equipment diagnostic. Diagnostics will look for current packaging machine failures, as well as any possible causes of damage.

System and software failure

If your equipment fails due to improper use by staff, our machine is capable of remote debugging. You only need to connect to the Internet according to the instructions of our programmers, and then cooperate with our programmers to operate and debug to ensure that Your equipment continues to be produced.


Packaging Machine Hardware Repair and Replacement Parts

When you buy all our packaging equipment, we have prepared a set of spare wearing parts for you, which can be quickly replaced when the machine fails to ensure that your production is smooth and unaffected.With all the required parts, our skilled technicians will begin your repair. Our technicians will have a video call with you or any in-house staff to ensure timely repairs.

Replacement of wearing parts

With use, packaging equipment parts wear out and eventually stop working. This could cause production to slow down or even stop altogether. At Link Packaging , we understand that these disruptions in efficiency can be costly, and the sooner your machines are back up and running, the sooner you can get product out of the gate. We provide permanent stock spares for the replacement of consumable parts . When you have used the spare parts provided by us , you can immediately purchase spare parts from us for spare parts

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When equipment fails, making sure you get the right parts is critical for timely repairs. Working with our packaging machines every day, our factory-trained and certified technicians can help you or your maintenance team determine which parts are needed to get you back up and running.We stock a wide range of parts for all our packaging equipment lines .


Speed is key

The longer your machine is not functioning properly, the longer your production will be affected. Our spare parts are in stock, and when you make a purchase request, we can complete the delivery of the parts on the same day. Of course you need to prepare for the time of transportation.


Easy operation to replace parts

Our R&D personnel have carried out a quick-replacement structure design for the key structures and consumable parts of the equipment, so that your maintenance personnel do not need to have very professional capabilities, saving your labor costs, and greatly shortening maintenance and parts. Replacement time, allowing your production to quickly return to normal, reducing economic losses caused by equipment downtime.