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Technical performance, usage characteristics and development trend of non-standard automation equipment


The performance of non-standard automation equipment: the stability of movement, it has sufficient strength and stiffness, and can maintain the specified movement accuracy; reliability, the equipment can complete or maintain its specified work under specified conditions and within a specified time. Capability is called reliability. The smaller the failure rate, the higher the reliability; the stability of product quality; the retention of machining accuracy; the adaptability to the environment; easy to use and maintain, simple and safe to operate.

The technical performance of non-standard automation equipment : it has a certain flexibility and can adapt to the requirements of a certain range of product specifications and varieties; it has a reasonable degree of non-standard automation. It should be comprehensively considered according to needs and possibilities, and cannot be separated from specific conditions and blindly pursue advanced nature; implement standardization, generalization and serialization; simple structure, easy manufacturing, low cost; high productivity, high efficiency, and low energy consumption; saving Materials, especially precious and scarce metal materials should be saved; labor intensity should be reduced, labor conditions should be improved, and the environment should not be polluted .


Status quo of non-standard automation equipment: Although the market size of non-standard customized equipment has grown, it has not been able to develop on a large scale; it pursues the principle of borrowing, and there is little innovation and research and development, and plagiarism in the name of reference has seriously reduced the development of new technologies and new applications by enterprises Over time, it has affected the technical capabilities of China’s non-standard automation equipment industry, so that the core will always be in the hands of European and American companies. It is a very sad thing that we rely on polluting the environment, selling physical strength, demolishing and building houses to develop the economy. . This lack of contact and cooperation has caused non-standard equipment to increasingly fall into the quagmire of price competition; the advantages of large-scale enterprises are not obvious. Although small enterprises are the mainstream of non-standard industries, there are also some medium-sized non-standard equipment with more than 100 people. enterprise. The annual output value of these medium-sized non-standard enterprises is at the level of tens of millions. However, due to management problems, designers and equipment personnel have not shown sufficient sense of responsibility, resulting in the unsatisfactory product quality performance of some medium-sized non-standard enterprises. Over time, many non-standard automation equipment manufacturers have turned to small non-standard enterprises to buy relatively cheap non-standard products.


A brief analysis of the development trend of non-standard automation equipment: non-standard automation equipment will dominate the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, but its development is also faced with low per capita added value, weak technological innovation capabilities, and low competitive advantages, accelerating transformation and upgrading, and China’s manufacturing industry. is imminent. In recent years, a dark day for China’s manufacturing industry has turned bright, with high-tech in this field rising at an average annual growth rate of 13.4%, phasing out alternative and traditional manufacturing. Compared with traditional manufacturing, high-end manufacturing has obvious advantages: high technology, high added value, low pollution, low emission, a strong competitive advantage. The so-called “poor change, change is common, general rule is long , some enterprises have been strongly aware of the transformation and upgrading of the development trend at the crossroads, and actively use non-standard automation equipment to replace traditional manual labor, especially in the manufacturing industry. Several important links, strengthen control.


In the future, we should calm down, practice our internal skills, always adhere to the business policy of reputation first, customer first, and quality first, serve every customer well, and provide customers with integrated solutions from solution, processing, assembly to debugging. is the most reliable way to survive. For a fast-growing enterprise, the efficiency of production is the source of the enterprise and the guarantee of the brand. The delivery of production orders to customers on time and with high quality will bring more orders, such a good cycle.