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The e-commerce industry has a large shipment volume, so how to choose an e-commerce aircraft box folding machine


The e-commerce industry is a hot industry today. With the rise of live streaming, the height of e-commerce has been pushed to the apex . It is no longer a problem to ship hundreds of thousands of pieces every day. One of the timeliness has become a problem that plagues many businesses, such as: power banks, power adapters, small speakers, etc., are all packaged and transported in airplane boxes, and manual origami boxes are relatively slow, what should I do?

As a result, many merchants thought of using packaging machinery airplane box folding machine , which can automatically fold the carton into a shape and directly use it for packaging products; due to the large volume of product shipments in the e-commerce industry, then folding The box machine can keep up with such a shipping rhythm. How to choose an aircraft box folding machine ?

When choosing an aircraft box folding machine, it should be noted that when the budget is not very sufficient, in terms of speed, choose a moderate speed as much as possible, such a machine has good stability, long service life, and sustainable Bringing benefits; blindly pursuing speed will inevitably impose a great burden on the power unit, and the failure rate will increase; if the budget is sufficient, then you can choose a higher-configured box folding machine to further improve the efficiency .