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What is the difference between a vacuum glue filling machine and an atmospheric pressure glue filling machine?


The vacuum glue filling machine is a derivative of the glue filling machine according to customer needs. The glue filling machine is generally used for glue filling under normal pressure. Many products cannot be filled with glue under normal pressure due to their structure. In order to better handle high quality Products, we have developed a vacuum glue filling machine, which realizes automatic glue filling in a vacuum environment, including: automatic closing of the vacuum box door – automatic vacuum pumping – automatic glue filling – automatic pressure relief – automatic pressure maintenance and a series of actions , If it is connected with the assembly line, it can realize fully automatic glue filling without manual operation.

   Advantages of vacuum glue filling machine: high performance, good stability, reliability and durability, real-time monitoring of each part, and suitable for products of multiple specifications. Equipped with friendly operating software to ensure the system is stable and reliable. The vacuum two-liquid glue filling machine is designed for the application of two-component epoxy resin, two-component polyethylene eucalyptus, two-component silicone and other two-component liquids under vacuum.

   The working principle of the vacuum double-liquid glue filling machine: the product is placed in a vacuum, and the two liquids are mixed according to a certain proportion and then glued. The purpose is to greatly improve the quality of glue filling, high degree of automation, shorten the process and improve productivity.

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